What we are doing

Our platform-agnostic oracle service connects your decentralized app
to Web APIs and datafeeds you trust, to get your data in.
Thanks to our APIs you can get the best out of both Web2 and Web3.
We provide a cryptographic-proof showing our good behaviour
hence we are as reliable as the tech internet is built on.

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service get awesome things done

We help you to leverage the power of smart contracts. Start building unstoppable apps now!

service high level consultancy

Our team of experts is here to help. Refine your ideas with our decentralized mindset.

service enhance your dapp potential

Integrating our APIs is so easy and fast that you can finally focus on your decentralized app logic only.

service reduce your time to market

Why reinvent the wheel? Our engine can be deployed to any platform, both public and permissioned ones.

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Featured Works

Check out these awesome decentralized apps built on Oraclize
and see how we solve real world problems.

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Discover Our Company

Everybody knows how fast this industry is evolving, this is why our team is mostly based in London, the European capital of FinTech. We are excited to be part of this technological revolution and we are working hard to give our best contribute.
The first thing we did was helping to push forward the Bitcoin VAT regulation by incorporating the company with a capital in Bitcoin.
Our mission is to provide part of the infrastructure needed to build smart and useful decentralized applications which in our mind will play a new and important role in the years coming.
Building a reliable service like ours is hard and needs the right mindset, this is why our team is composed by long time blockchain experts which have been involved in this industry for years.

A new approach to your business ideas

Build things that last. Move reconciliations costs down to zero, by design.